Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. But above all black says this “i don’t bother you, don’t bother me”. – Yohji yamamoto

Women’s first ultimate choice is always black when it comes to classy, elegant. Its a fact, admit it. Well, everyone has some black outfits of their own in the closet. Who doesn’t love black, everyone does .its the queen of all colors. The wonder color. Black is sophisticated, mysterious, flattering, arrogant, insane, rebellious, poetic. So and so the words describing its beauty never run out . Black continues to be the anchor of style. Black fashion trend never runs out. It has been ruling over the past many years, still is and still will be. Because every year black is the new black, it can’t be defeated. As mentioned above it’s the queen of all colors. You can wear black at any time, age or for almost any occasion. It is acceptable for any season. My favorite style of all time is all black, its easy and lazy (which tells a lot about me) it can be worn in so many different ways. With different fabrics like leather, lace, chiffon, nets, knitted, jersey, denim, fur, matte, velvet, silk and so and so. There are hundreds of incredible fabrics which can do the tricks and not let your all black outfit get boring, If paired up wisely. When it comes to all black, many people think you follow Gothics, punks, emo, dark grunge but don’t confuse yourself, everyone has their own style and there’s a vast difference if you go deep. Black trend is highly uprising again as u can see in magazines, blogs (which now includes mine as well), designer wears, clothing line everywhere.the black spell has done its magic. One cannot deny its beauty. All black outfit game going strong this season.

12197512_1501796233453168_1649370198_o12197481_1501796250119833_360439075_oWhen I start thinking of comfortable clothing to wear when going out for a casual meetup with friends, the first think that comes to mind is a pair of nice comfy leggings. Its fashionable and still going strong. It is an active wear for almost any occasion. For this outfit, i took a good pair of leggings n suited it up with an AC DC graphic print crop top. Crops tops are still going strong. If u ever wanna add a dose of cool to a simple n comfortable outfit then crop tops are the way to go. You can never go wrong with a pair of leggings and a crop top. And to top it off, I added a black peep toe wedge to flaunt a bit of my nudes and the choker to add a bit of a grungy vibe to it.

12202202_1501796346786490_1936197597_n12208016_1501796310119827_2141904396_nWhen it comes to clothing, I’m a big fan of simplicity and easy to adopt wears. My clothes aren’t loud, rather simple and mysterious in a way. Here i went for just that. I matched up a off-shoulder shirt with a ripped denim shorts to add some vibrancy in the outfit. Off-shoulders are back in the trend again and nothing ever goes wrong with a pair of shorts. Shorts are simple, comfy and are among the favorites in my closet. And nothing is ever complete without a pair of shoes. This ankle chunky boots are one of my favorites. I literally sleep with them. They are simple yet beautiful and I am kinda stuck with them for this season as they go with almost any outfit.

12204910_1501796373453154_1767104853_n12208081_1501796370119821_1906149811_nAlthough I like the comfort and simplicity of my clothing, I also want them to be eye catching. In this outfit, the tees and shoes do the talking. I went for a pairing with a lot of energy and spunk. And of course, since winter is coming a beanie to add little more vibe and also a perfect wear to hide from a bad hair day. Lets be honest here, we all have to go through a bad hair once in a while and a beanie is perfect for a winter bad hair day. With comfortable clothes, u get confidence just like this. Every girl deserves to look good and feel comfy at the same time. And this type of outfits are just for that. Its my favorite outfit out of the four and I love how it makes me look simple and comfortable.

12208212_1501796436786481_611148783_n12207913_1501796420119816_2079180603_nFor this one, i went for the sporty kinda look. A plain black dress is incredibly versatile.The dress I’am wearing here is a jersey mid dress. I went with the jersey mid dress for its light weight and comfortable fit A touch of plaid tie up shirt because it is fun and a relaxing way to add a twist to the style and is also perfect for an evening event. The fullness of the dress goes with strap wedges with the addition of red lipstick and a ponytail. And of course, some bad-ass sunglasses.

Well that’s all I have in plate to serve for now. Stay tune for more exciting and hopefully not disappointing posts coming on the way. I’d like to thank my dear friend Shanti Tagru for the amazing shots and helping me through out the day. And a big warm hug to my readers/friends/well wishers for supporting n boosting me up on my new born blog which I promise to keep as lively and interesting as I can. Thank you and I love u guys.

6 thoughts on “BLACK AFFAIRS

    1. This is great! Really love your blog, I have been a follower since your first talk! Give me some credit for being this way haha *wink* Already looking forward to the next one!

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