Ziro Music Festival 2015 (my experience)

12164781_1497472733885518_10123167_oSo, here I am “The lazy lass” attending the Ziro fest with full on attitude and plans to nail down the audience stage, break the barrier between us and the performers. But since it was a broad day, and my brother Mr. Nabam Takar was performing. I had to calm down my rockstar attitude. (well actually I was too tired from the long journey)


This is the best view of the fest. Forget that, see the girl I don’t know her, but damn! she got the best spot

12168448_1497472547218870_182863504_o (1)

Now! check this girl! I do know her, she is my sidekick with whom I am planning to have a successful, “my own performance as an audience”.

DUH! my hangover attitude

Refreshment time, me having local kiwi apong(wine). The pic seems this way because….. I like it this way. (This is for the critics who find this picture very dull n not bloggish enough).

12165886_1497472463885545_1125637089_nIn nature, beauty may be discerned in all things and places, even in the most unexpected regions of the earth. Then, call me gawky, snorky, freaky (I’ll prefer so) but extra cool. People like me scan this whole area for our own reasons, query and gets fascinated by it.

12165174_1497472353885556_971961588_o (1)So, welcome to the Ziro fest – 2015, this was the moment I was waiting for, my first and probably not the last visit. Walking in the ground showing my hand band at the entry. We literally swarmed with countless other bees to the gate of the hive. I watched the volunteers scurry about trying to make sure everything was perfect for the upcoming events. And with the burning heat reaching down to scould our pale defenseless faces we began walking impatiently at a pressing pace towards the stadium/stage with no knowledge of direction. 12119771_1497472770552181_579249120_oI journeyed into close proximity of the main stage, which projected a hum of activity and instrumental sound, which was deafening the ear already. But I loved it and the excitement at this point was immeasurably, indescribable, undefinable. It would have been mentally impossible to take in what surrounded me at once, frozen with shock  my eyes flickered as though malfunctioning, enjoying fragments of what there was to see. There were T-shirts sale’s, variety of local apong (kiwi, apple, grapes etc), tents, riders, hippies, emo people and lot of other kinds of people.

Did not expect this

OK! the other attendees. I might sound too much a fancied one but the thing is I did not expect anything like this and therefore, I am overwhelmed and mesmerized.

The bands and artist that came were all amazing. I thank them for making this fest a big one. Boomerang, Rewben (sometimes I forget that old man’s name), B.K and Takar Nabam and the band, DJ Ina. they were the coolest.

This music fest gave the much needed break from everyday life that i needed. I am so glad i got to go and enjoy it first hand. You guys should probably start making plans to attend it next year. Trust me you wont regret it. You’ll probably see me there next year too. Well until next time, peace out!!!!


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